Happy birthday Cousin!

I will do my first post ever in english. Just like that.  

When i did travel to Peru back in the period of februari and mars, i meet my family "Sanchez Mendoza" for the first time.

And with a big family comes big responsible. As i am the oldest of 8 cousins, i will be there for all of them. Right now, theres some issues with the distance but, hey, thanks for the internet. For now.

I feel a bit sad that cant be with them right now and espacially my birthday cousin whos name is Diego. 17 years and one year from the big 18.

A man with many talents is a meaning i will show. A great fotboll player for his young age. Not only can he play football but he also have a good hand with the guitar.

I meet a girl in who became a friend to me. Today she wrote a mail, finally. So happy for that. Someday i will explain more about this girl, whos destiny maybe need some more luck. In my heart i hope everything goes well for her and that i will meet her again. She was very beatutiful and godhearted.

Sometimes life isnt all that fair but if you doent believe in the strenght of hope and future, then everything will be lost.

Maybe i can do something for her next time i travel to Peru. Sometimes you just need a strong hand from someone to not fall in in a bad "circle". We just have to wait and see how it will be.

Diego Alonso Palacios Sanchez, i wish you had the best day on your day. Becuase i promise life will be great in the future.

And i dont forget my other cousin, Manuel Jesus, who became 17 just some days ago. Damn, i wish i would be with my "superprimos". All of them.

They really have the spirit and godness to become everything they want to be. Everything and possible, and if i can be a good friend and cousin, then i can be satisfyed. It is a honour to be involved with such a great and sucessful family.


(Videos showing me and my fathers apartment, and another cousin playing guitar. He is only eleven years old!

I love you all!

Postat av: Miss K

Ingenfara, jag är bara ärlig. Saknat att du skriver..

Tack så jätte mycket, Du är alltid så himla gullig!

det är jätte bra just nu. Livet är underbart!

Hur mår du? Tycker du får höra av dig..

Puss och kram!

2010-04-25 @ 18:05:02
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